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Barney Says

‘Ethical, sustainable, regenerative burgers’, they say. We say: They cook the meat they farm. The setup is explicitly and memorably Welsh (each burger is named after a notable character) but these are ‘Byrgyrs i bawb o bobl y byd’- ‘Burgers to all the people of the world’; so there’s the rainbow swirl of the custom-baked veggie option bagel, and the Betty Campbell, which commemorates the country’s first Black headteacher. (That’s two mutton patties with Caribbean mutton curry and Carolina Reaper chilli and pineapple jam, by the way, and Barney’s go-to). You might pick the jet-black pirate-themed Barti Ddu or bestseller Grav, but you can’t go wrong here: it’s an irresistible coming together of impeccable meat, sexily squidgeable potato buns and a great big dollop of Welsh culture. It really is that simple. Barney believes these to be the best in Wales. Will that embarrass Aled, Sara and Shaun? Yes. Tough.


589 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF5 1BE