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BAR 44

Barney Says

An obsessive dedication to sourcing the best of Spain defines this place, with 20 years of consistently high standards across their sites. It still impresses: essentials include an oozy tortilla, prize winning patatas bravas and painstakingly handmade croquetas.Try the seasonal specials too, though, and investigate the sherry menu even if you think you don’t like the stuff. (Co-owner Owen was Wales’ first sherry educator and a passionate advocate for its charms). With lavish vegetarian, vegan and GF menus, Bar 44 is a lovely way to accommodate a large party with various needs: or indeed, anyone who enjoys the good stuff. Barney will have a smoked padrĂ³n Negroni, and you’re buying.


15-23 Westgate St, Cardiff CF10 1DD