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Barney Says

Bulrush boasts a nationally-lauded but locally-sourced tasting menu in which classic Anglo-French cuisine flirts with Japanese and Scandinavian influence, all in the refined and intimate atmosphere of this cave-like dwelling in Cotham. It’s one of Bristol’s two Michelin star restaurants but it’s not stuffy at all. The foraged flavours and creativity shine through every thoughtfully-prepared dish, all of which are brought to the table by a different person. By the time you’ve finished you’ll have met the whole team and their extended families, but you’ll be having such a lovely time that you won’t even notice the weird cousin. Just kidding. They keep him in the back. 

But really, it’s one of Bristol’s best restaurants and we’re all bloody proud of it and you simply must visit. We won’t take no for an answer.


21 Cotham Rd S, Cotham, Bristol BS6 5TZ