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Barney Says

If it’s sweet and sour and spare ribs you’re after, look away now. This isn’t the place for you. Try The Mayflower instead.

At first glance Great Chongqing looks utilitarian. But fortunately you haven’t come to the best Chinese restaurant in Bristol to appreciate the decor. You’ve come to sit in the covered yard out the back and share the grilled fish with two or three of your favourite people. Good on you, you really know what you’re doing. 

The masterminds behind Chongqing are great at cooking but not at answering the phone or designing fancy websites, so don’t bother attempting to book. Just turn up, they’ll fit you in. Take cash. Don’t forget to order the Chongqing xiaomain alongside your fish – it’s the noodle dish you didn’t know you were missing.


52 Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LH