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Barney Says

Don’t act like you’ve never thought about what your last meal would be. You’ve got it all planned out haven’t you? But have you ever thought about what your last restaurant visit would be? Something super high end perhaps – blow your life’s savings on some scallops and slices of fresh truffle. Suit yourself. Hello Oriental is a serious contender for ours – largely because you can order every Asian dish you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese paradise – compacted into a tiered underground bunker. The menu is perhaps one of the longest ever written and yet every single dish is excellent. The sushi is as good as the roast duck which is as good as the pho which is as good as the frozen Vimto daiquiri. Yes, it’s a bit mad, but you’ll love it.


Unit 3B, South Pavilion, 2 Symphony Park, Manchester M1 7FS