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Barney Says

Chinese hot pot is a wonderful thing, not least because you get dinner and a steaming facial all in one. It’s also one of the most charmingly sociable meals you can eat – hours spent fishing out bits of forgotten meat and veg in a broiling broth with your compadres are hours well spent. Few places do it better than Hotpot no. 8. Don’t worry if you’re new to this particular culinary adventure – the staff will hold your hand and provide you with an apron to ward off spillages. A few words of wisdom from old Uncle Barney: Hotpot no. 8’s spice-o-meter is probably on a different scale to yours, so believe the staff when they recommend something a little less searing. And order the best beef you can afford for dipping – wafer thin moments of marbled miracle. Mmmmmm.


Unit 7, The Quadrangle, Hulme St, Manchester M1 5GL