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Barney Says

Mackie Mayor is where you take your friends when they can’t decide between them where to go and the Arndale food court isn’t the vibe. The multitude of kitchens that form the circumference of this architectural delight of a food hall are all good, but there is one that reigns supreme. So let your fussy friends order whatever they like, but you – you must go to New Wave Ramen. We know you’ve got great taste (why else would you be here?) and thus you will appreciate the delicate craft of a perfectly formed bowl of steaming broth-soaked noodles. In short, it’s some of the best ramen in the country. In long, we could probably write a novel about it. 

And if you don’t want ramen, we will accept a pizza from Honest Crust as a suitable alternative.


Smithfield Market Hall, 1 Eagle St, Manchester M4 5BU