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Barney Says

A visit to Matina is as essential a feature on every Bristol bucket list as seeing the Suspension bridge and standing behind a crowd of people trying to take a half-decent picture of the Park Street Banksy, though it’s not quite as internationally lauded or shiny. Nevertheless, we would argue that the towering turrets of salad and existential ‘spicy or no spicy?’ are just as affirming.

Matina serves chargrilled meats, veg and halloumi with buckets of salads and sauce in the most pillowy naans you’ll ever eat. Be wary of wearing your best garms; the Matina wrap is intended to be eaten shoulder to shoulder in the hustle and bustle of St Nick’s Market, and it’s inevitable you’ll end up wearing some of it. Any stains you do end up with should be worn as a badge of honour.


The Glass Arcade, St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1JQ