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Barney Says

Tom’s London years are writ large in what is Cardiff’s slickest restaurant experience. A gleaming limousine of a restaurant. A superb cocktail bar (the city’s best Corpse Reviver #2) and dish after dish of immaculate modern classics, with nothing left to chance. It’s impossible to order badly here: Thomas has utter confidence in what it is doing, because the cooking and service is so polished.
There’s a good reason why many of the area’s best chefs pay to eat here. You should, too. Have the fried chicken. (And anything with mushrooms- Tom has a love of the things which makes him Barney’s kind of fun guy.) And if you don’t know Tom’s Chips, sort yourself out sharpish before small children point you out in the street and mock you mercilessly.


3 & 5 Pontcanna St, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9HQ