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Barney Says

You won’t know what you’re getting at Wilsons until you’re sitting there with a delicious glass of wine in hand, and you won’t mind. Because if you know anything, then you’ll know that Wilson’s is hands-down one of Bristol’s best and their tasting menu is one you’ll be reminiscing about for weeks. If not months. 

Wilsons set the bar extremely high in all senses but particularly with their commitment to locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. They grow it all themselves in their nearby market garden, an approach which has garnered them a Michelin green star.

Struggling for cash? Find a day to sneak away for their lunch menu. It’s possibly the best value for money you’ll get in a 50 mile radius. If even that is above your price point, get yourself down to their bread shop of a morning for a bacon butty. If you know, you know. 


24 Chandos Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 6PF