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Barney Says

Your Kitchen has something for everyone. The menu isn’t dissimilar in length to the Bible and is also split into the Old and New Testament. Old Testament being authentic Hunan and Szechuan dishes and New Testament being classic ‘western’ Chinese dishes, like spare ribs and chips. 

Usually a menu of this length is an immediate red flag, but Your Kitchen is one of the few places where they have managed both quantity and quality. 

You can enjoy it all whilst sitting in the surprisingly large garden out front. And if you don’t look like you’d be familiar with it, you’ll enjoy the comical raising of eyebrows from the incredibly attentive staff if you order from the authentic half of the menu, and even more so if you ask for chopsticks. Like we said, something for everyone. Go hungry and order the tofu skin dry pot. 


Your Kitchen, 95 Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1LW